3 Things To Consider Before Sending Out Save-The-Dates

Save-the-dates are used by couples to share their planned wedding date with prospective guests. This is intended to give those guests ample time to make sure they are available on your wedding day, and to arrange any needed travel plans. Because they come before a formal invitation, you may be unsure of what, exactly, you need to say in your save-the-date. Generally, they are sent before every detail is finalized, so you may have information that is simply not available when you prepare them. While they can be less formal than your invitations, there are still formal practices to abide by. You want to make sure they are received by all the right people, and have important information, without feeling overstuffed. 

1. Electronic-Only Save-The-Dates Can Lead To Miscommunication

There is nothing wrong with emailing save-the-date information to guests who are comfortable with online communication, but you should still plan to send paper invites to everyone. This can help you avoid a situation where your message is caught in someone’s spam filter, and it makes certain that people who are less reliant on the internet receive the information.

2. You Need To Know Exactly Who You Want To Invite

Sending a save-the-date to someone means pledging an invitation to them. If you are unsure you want someone there on your special day, they should not receive a save-the-date.

3. You Can Leave Event Specifics For Your Wedding Website And Invitations

You may still be in the process of selecting vendors and arranging details of your wedding when you send your save-the-date. This is certainly not an issue – all this message does is indicate your wedding’s date, time, and place. You should hold off on asking for RSVPs and meal requests (if you serve a plated dinner) until your official invitations are sent.

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