3 Things To Consider When You Plan Your Reception Dinner

Planning your reception dinner is about more than just food and drinks. You will need to plan for music, find time for any wedding toasts to be given, and make sure guests feel encouraged to have fun on the dance floor. You can also look to offer fun touches, such as the providing of a photo booth for your guests. With that said, the meal itself will feature prominently in people’s memories of your event. When you plan your reception dinner, you will need to address several questions when it comes to what to served, who should provide that meal, and how it will be prepared and shared among your guests. While Texas Old Town can help you find vendors to handle your catering concerns, there are several matters you need to be ready to address when you place your order.

1. What You Serve Matters – How You Serve It Matters, Too

You want guests to enjoy the food, but your choices do not end at what to serve. Your event can be shaped by your choice to offer plated meals, or if you want guests to serve themselves with a buffet or family style arrangement. Plated meals can feel more formal, and control food costs, but your alternative choices can cut down on costs, and create a more relaxed atmosphere.

2. Knowing Your Guests Dietary Needs Before Planning The Menu Is Important

If you have vegan friends, you should know that they may not be able to eat your vegetarian dinner option. Knowing matters like this in advance can help you create a truly inclusive menu.

3. Your Dessert Options Can Include More Than Just Cake

As classic as a tiered wedding cake is in wedding receptions, couples are finding great success with alternative desserts. You can add a fun dessert buffet that gives your guests a fun range of options to enjoy!

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