3 Tips For Stocking A Terrific Wedding Bar

If you plan to serve drinks at your wedding, you may be wondering how you can provide a great bar selection…without going over your budget. Couples who serve alcohol often want to make an open bar available to their guests. This can certainly be appreciated, but it can lead to questions of what you should offer, and what size stock you might need. If you consider serving mixed drinks, or offering his-and-hers cocktails, you may have to think about purchasing mixers and garnishes. The size of your wedding will obviously affect how much alcohol you need, but questions of what to serve, and how to offer great service, can be universal. Texas Old Town will have a selected vendor if you want to provide an open bar.

1. A Limited Selection Can Help You Avoid Delays At The Bar

An open bar does not have to be a full bar. While you might like to present people with plenty of options, too many choices can slow down the ordering process. If you have a more intimate wedding, a line at the bar can leave your reception – and your dance floor – feeling empty.

2. Offering His-And-Hers Cocktails

His-and-hers cocktails offer a fun way to tell your guests a little bit about you and your partner. It can also be a fun way to control the number of drink choices, so the lines move a little faster.

3. Worried About The Cost Of An Open Bar? Finding Cost-Saving Opportunities

An open bar is certainly something your guests will appreciate, but your wallet might feel differently. You can consider a compromise by offering a partial bar. This can mean offering free beer and wine, but charging for mixed drinks. This will help you balance costs, while still giving guests who forgot to bring cash a chance to raise a glass during a toast.

Raise A Glass, And Toast To A Terrific Wedding At Texas Old Town

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