Choosing The Right Footwear For Your Wedding

Your choice of footwear may not be the most memorable part of your wedding day ensemble. In some cases, a bride’s dress will keep their shoes effectively hidden during the ceremony! Still, the question of what to wear as you walk down the aisle is an important one, and you can find yourself uncertain of what to wear. While tradition might compel you to select a dressier shoe, this is not an obligation. In fact, a higher heel might make walking difficult if you have an outdoor ceremony. Modern brides have worn a variety of different styles of footwear. In fact, some brides use their footwear as a way of wearing their “something old” or “something blue.” While style certainly matters, you should not feel afraid to slip on something that perfectly fits your personality!

Make Sure You Can Comfortably – And Confidently – Walk Down The Aisle

Remember, you are going to have a lot of eyes on you as you walk down the aisle. As important as the look of your shoes may be, appearances matter less when they cause discomfort. Make sure you have a chance to try on your wedding shoes, and walk around in them, before selecting them.

Should Your Bridesmaids Coordinate Footwear?

While uniformity among dresses is still a standard, you can let your bridesmaids select their own footwear. If you have a bridesmaid, or bridesmaids, who struggle with fashion choices, you may want to make suggestions for what might pair well with the dress you select.

Selecting An Alternate Pair Of Shoes For Your Reception

Changing your footwear between your ceremony and reception can help you stay comfortable late into the evening, while still looking your best at the ceremony. Many brides will stealthily switch shoes between events, so they can hit the dance floor comfortably, and confidently.

Planning The Details For Your Perfect Wedding Day At Texas Old Town

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