Creative Dessert Alternatives To A Traditional Wedding Cake

Professional Photo By: Tony Smith Photos

If you want to save money on your dessert – or if you just want to exercise some creativity – you may want to look at alternative approaches to serving dessert at your wedding. While the tiered cake is an enduring classic, your wedding day is your moment, and you should feel free to look beyond convention as you plan your event. Texas Old Town can help you find a dessert vendor who can create something unexpected and delightful for your wedding. As much as people can appreciate the sight of a gorgeous cake, they can also admire the right unconventional choice – especially when it means they can enjoy something tasty!

Combining A Tiered Cake And Alternative Dessert Options Can Help You Save Money

One way to approach your wedding dessert options will be to combine a tiered cake with sheet cakes. Having sheet cake on hand to serve guests means a smaller, less expensive wedding cake, while still supplying everyone with your chosen dessert.

Don’t Forget The Groom’s Cake!

Groom’s cakes have grown considerably in popularity. You can have a smaller cake option decorated to match his personality, or his favorite activity. This can be a playful, fun treat that helps your groom express himself during your event.

Let The Season Influence Your Dessert Options

When you think about the right dessert options, you can look for inspiration in surprising places. One thing you can pay attention to is how your desserts complement the season. If you marry during a cooler time of year, a warm dessert can add an extra sense of fulfillment. Are you expecting your special day to be a warm one? Something fruity, cool, and festive can be the perfect way to end dinner!

Enjoy A Wonderful Wedding Day At Texas Old Town

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