Deciding Who You Should Invite To Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

Building your guest list can be daunting. The size of your wedding will impact your overall costs, but you will want to make sure that the important people in your life know that they are welcome on your wedding day. You may also need to field requests from your parents (and your partner’s parents) about sending invitations to certain close friends and family members. Fortunately, proper planning can help you make sure that your guest list is well-prepared, and reaches out to all the right people. One thing you should remember is that you need to give prospective guests time to respond. After all, the RSVPs you receive will let you know how many people to expect.

Should You Build Your Guest List Before Or After You Determine What Size Wedding You Want To Have?

Determining the size of your wedding is important if you want to budget and plan effectively. Remember, every person you invite affects your costs for food and drinks. When you know how many people you can comfortably provide for, it can be easier to build your guest list. At the very least, you can avoid the awkward feeling of having to strike people after determining your ideal guest size is smaller than your current list.

When It Comes To Guest Turnout, Expect The Unexpected

You will have support from wedding vendors, and your venue, when you prepare for your special day. This help will come in handy on your special day, as there will always be the chance for unexpected arrivals. While your RSVPs will give you a solid idea of who to expect, it is possible that a guest who failed to respond will show up, or that you will have guests fail to show despite their RSVP. Some flexibility can save you from an awkward problem with a surprising guest turnout.

Texas Old Town Can Provide A Great Wedding Experience For You And Your Guests

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