Finding Great Ways To Welcome Your Guests When They Arrive

Wedding Photo By: Tony Smith Photos

Because your big debut at the ceremony is so important, you will not be around to welcome your guests as they arrive at your wedding. This can make the beginning of your event more stressful – after all, it is one of the few instances where you may feel like you have little or no control over what is happening. What you should know is that you can set up a display, or even offer special treats, that do the welcoming for you. Different couples try different approaches. You can simply make sure attendees are greeted and handed a wedding program when they arrive, or add something with a little more flourish. Creating your own welcome sign can be a wonderful DIY wedding touch that allows you a chance to provide a more personalized greeting, even if you are not there to deliver it yourself.

Tips For Creating A Great Wedding Program

Your wedding program will acclimate guests to your event, and let them know what you have planned. You can lay out information concerning wedding music played during the ceremony, give people details about guest readings, and provide the names of the people in your wedding party. You do not have to give a detailed breakdown of events, particularly familiar events like the exchange of vows.

Creating Signs To Welcome Everyone To Your Ceremony

A friendly greeting can come from your wedding ushers, but you can also provide a sign greeting guests on their way in. This can be a simple hello, or you can give helpful information about seating arrangements (or the lack of them).

Offering Treats Before Your Event Begins

It is certainly not mandatory, but you can plan to greet your guests with small treats upon their arrival. This can be great for winter weddings, as you can help warm people up with hot cocoa. It can also help hold people’s appetites if you reception is taking place later in the night.

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