Involving Parents In Wedding Matters

Professional Photo By: Nicole Chatham Photography

Your parents (and your partner’s parents) may offer assistance when it comes to paying for your wedding costs. Tradition has often seen the parents of the bride pay for her wedding, but this tradition is not adhered to as strictly as it once was. Still, it is common for parents to provide at least some support, and with that support may come some input on the planning of your wedding. If you agree to take on their help, it is reasonable for them to expect that they have some say in the arrangements. This often comes in the form of requesting that certain people be invited, but they may have different concerns. In addition to the planning efforts, parents are often involved in pre-wedding events, and can be spotlighted and honored in various ways during your special day.

Coordinating With Parents During The Wedding Planning

If you expect to receive help from your parents, make sure you all have an understanding of what role they might expect to have in planning. If you find that you and your parents have some disagreements on what their involvement means, it will be easier to iron out those differences at the start of planning than when you are in the midst of making preparations.

Pre-Wedding Events

Couples are not likely to want their parents around for the bachelor and bachelorette parties, but there are several pre-wedding events where they will be present. Your engagement party, bridal shower, and rehearsal dinner are all places where your parents should expect to be welcomed.

Celebrating Your Parents On Your Wedding Day

During your wedding, you will have plenty of opportunities to show love and respect for your parents. In addition to their roles in the ceremony, you can have the traditional dance with parents (or come up with your own special moment to share with them).

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