Maintaining Good Communication With Your Wedding Party

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Smart phones, social media, and email have made it easier than ever to stay in contact with many people at once. While these resources can make planning, coordinating, and communicating with your wedding party easier, you should not assume it will be easy to keep everyone on the same page. After all, you may find that one of your bridesmaids never checks the email account she gave you, or you could learn of another who left Facebook and can no longer follow a group page for updates. Part of maintaining good communication as you plan your wedding will involve making sure all your communication lines are clear and open. You also need to take the time to follow up with people, and confirm that they are receiving the group messages you share.

Keeping Everyone On The Same Page Is Important

It can be important to see that everyone has seen – and understood – information you have shared. You also need to make sure people are responding. Communication is important before your special day, as you need to share details about pre-wedding events. You also need to make sure everyone is on the same page during your wedding day. For instance, you want your bridesmaids to know when they are expected to have their hair and makeup done, if you intend to provide these services for them.

Make Sure The People In Your Wedding Party Know How Much They Mean To You

Your wedding party can help you celebrate the events leading to your wedding, and they can help you stay sane while you plan. You may even have a few bridesmaids help you with DIY wedding projects. Remember to communicate how much this support means to you whenever possible. In addition to encouraging words, personalized wedding gifts for your party can be meaningful, and warmly received.

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