Month: April 2018

Adding Your Own Decorative Flourish To Your Ceremony Space

With a beautiful outdoor ceremony space available to you, you can count on your guests arriving to a gorgeous, memorable setting when they show up for your wedding day. With that said, you can contribute some smart decorative touches to your space to make it feel more personal, and to help it stand out. You… Read more »

Deciding Who You Should Invite To Your Wedding

Building your guest list can be daunting. The size of your wedding will impact your overall costs, but you will want to make sure that the important people in your life know that they are welcome on your wedding day. You may also need to field requests from your parents (and your partner’s parents) about… Read more »

Staying Organized In Your Wedding Planning Efforts

Your wedding day will be full of excitement, but there will be many important steps between your engagement and that walk down the aisle. The planning process will involve meetings with many different wedding vendors, and, if you choose, it can involve some DIY wedding efforts. When you begin planning your event, you should think… Read more »

Making Sure Your Registry Works For You, And Your Guests

How will you make sure your wedding registry is beneficial to you, and accessible to your guests? For you and your partner, an effective registry is one that supplies you with items you need (or just want). While this is often a chance to collect items for your shared home, your needs may differ, particularly… Read more »

Putting The Right Touches On A Rustic Wedding

Many couples have had great success by giving their wedding a rustic theme. Adding a rural or nature-focused element to your decorations can create a more intimate and informal setting for your special day. Many wedding vendors can help you make sure your wedding creates the rustic atmosphere you want to provide. Of course, one… Read more »

Selecting The Right Hairstyle To Wear On Your Wedding Day

Are you struggling to decide how you should wear your hair on your wedding day? Depending on the length of your hair, and its type and texture, you may be exploring several different options. When it comes to wearing your hair, consider how manageable a particular style might be, or how easy it will be… Read more »

Making The Most Of Your Rehearsal Dinner

What sort of planning will be required for your rehearsal dinner? This event, which follows your rehearsal for your wedding day, can give you a chance to interact with the people close to you, and to see your partner one last time before your ceremony. While the practice run for your wedding will definitely be… Read more »

Creative Dessert Alternatives To A Traditional Wedding Cake

If you want to save money on your dessert – or if you just want to exercise some creativity – you may want to look at alternative approaches to serving dessert at your wedding. While the tiered cake is an enduring classic, your wedding day is your moment, and you should feel free to look… Read more »

Choosing The Right Footwear For Your Wedding

Your choice of footwear may not be the most memorable part of your wedding day ensemble. In some cases, a bride’s dress will keep their shoes effectively hidden during the ceremony! Still, the question of what to wear as you walk down the aisle is an important one, and you can find yourself uncertain of… Read more »

What To Consider When You Work With Wedding Vendors

Your wedding vendors offer considerable experience and knowledge, but they need your support to make your dream wedding a reality. After all, who else but you could truly know what you want from your special day? Texas Old Town is proud to help couples find professional support by providing a preferred vendors list. We can… Read more »