Planning For The Key Moments During Your Ceremony

Professional Photo By: Elizabeth Birdsong Photography

Wedding ceremonies are often guided by longstanding traditions. From the arrival of the wedding party to the moment where the couple shares their first wedded kiss, you and your guests are likely familiar with the different moments that make up this event. With that said, you should still take the time to make sure everything is planned for your ceremony. One way you can prepare is through your wedding rehearsal, where you and the members of your bridal party will be able to walk through your ceremony procedures. Of course, there are other issues you need to be prepared for. That need to prepare can start early, as matters like guest arrival and seating can call for some planning.

Making Sure Guests Are Greeted And Comfortably Seated

While there is a tradition of guests being separated by the “bride’s side” and “groom’s side,” many couples are doing without this arrangement. If you choose, you can have ushers on hand to formally seat the people in attendance, and hand out programs.Of course, if you are having a more intimate and less formal affair, a simple sign can be used to greet everyone as they arrive. If you choose, you can even create your own sign as a DIY wedding project.

Should You Feature A Ring Bearer And Flower Girl At A Child-Free Wedding?

Can you include a ring bearer and flower girl at your ceremony if you have a child-free wedding? This tradition can feel more natural in an event where kids are welcome, but you may be unsure of what to do if you have asked your guests to keep their children at home. You can certainly include them in this scenario, but you may want to make an arrangement to have a sitter watch the kids during the reception, so their parents can still enjoy themselves.

You Can Enjoy An Amazing Wedding Ceremony Experience At Texas Old Town

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