Month: May 2018

Using Flowers In Your Wedding Decorations

When it comes to how you plan your wedding, you have options. Some couples like to be involved in every way possible, and can come up with unique DIY wedding decorations to use at their special day. Others will find that they prefer to utilize professional support where available, and may find that the all-inclusive… Read more »

3 Smart Tips To Help You Limit Your Wedding Planning Stress

Even people who love to stay organized can have moments during wedding planning where everything starts to feel overwhelming. Keeping up with the necessary tasks before you can be tough sometimes, especially since you have the rest of your life to live. There are ways to alleviate some stress. If you feel like the demands… Read more »

Who Should You Invite To A Pre-Wedding Event?

The several events that lead up to your wedding day all carry their own significance, and they can be suited to somewhat different attendees. Many of the responsibilities connected to planning these events can fall to your parents, or to the people in your wedding party. With that said, there is one area you will… Read more »

What Kind Of Meal Should You Offer At Your Reception Dinner?

Exploring your different meal options for your reception dinner can be fun, especially when a tasting is involved. With that said, it can start to feel overwhelming when you realize you need to make a choice among many great options. The atmosphere at your wedding can help you make the right choice. If you want… Read more »

Relying On Friends And Family To Help With Wedding Planning

It can be tough to plan a wedding, especially when you have a larger guest list. Of course, you can take considerable pressure off by purchasing an all-inclusive wedding package from Texas Old Town, but there are some tasks that are impossible to truly delegate. When it comes to pre-wedding events, and making fashion choices… Read more »

Common Questions People Have About The Rehearsal Dinner

Your ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner can be thought of as the final pre-wedding events before your big day arrives, and they both serve important roles. Your ceremony rehearsal can help everyone who will be at the altar with you feel comfortable with meeting their cues on the day itself. Your rehearsal dinner will give… Read more »

Avoiding DIY Wedding Headaches

While DIY wedding efforts can be seen as a way to control your budget, there are additional benefits. In fact, many couples choose to take on more DIY tasks because they see it as a way to add rustic charm to their setting, and to personalize their event. If you are excited to pursue these… Read more »

Taking Care Of Guests Who Travel To Attend Your Wedding

When you create a guest list for your wedding, you may come to the realization that the people you are close to may not be close by. Depending on how much moving you have done, or how far away you are from your family, you may have several guests who need to travel to attend… Read more »

Avoid Making These Wedding Invitation Mistakes

Wedding invitations can involve some creativity, careful planning, and a real investment of time. It can also be a little bit tiring – you and your partner put in the effort to create the right guest list, and now you need to go through the work of sending everything out. The wedding planning workload (and the… Read more »

3 Fun Features You Can Add To Your Wedding Reception

As much as your guests may look forward to seeing you walk down the aisle, your wedding reception is certainly important. This is your chance to interact with your guests, receive congratulations and well-wishes, and debut with your partner as an officially married couple! Whether you want to hold a more formal, elegant ceremony, or a… Read more »