Crafting Great Invites And Thank-You Notes

Wedding invitations do more than just communicate the details of when and where your wedding will take place. You can give guests an idea of how formal your event will be, and direct them to your wedding website. As commonplace as electronic communication has become, you should send physical invitations. Wedding invitations are not the only time you will need to make use of traditional physical mail, as you will need to send thank-you notes after your wedding. Traditionally, couples will send out thank-you notes to guests who brought gifts to their wedding, with time taken to dictate a direct message to each person or couple. While this may seem like something you only need to worry about after your wedding day is over, you should know that this is something that becomes easier when you make preparations in advance.

Tips For Sending Your Wedding Invitations

You should be careful not to stuff your invitations with too much information, and you should make sure the pertinent details about time and place are clear. If you have details you want guests to know about, you can direct them to your wedding website. Remember, unless you send save-the-dates, this may be the first real information some of your guests receive about your wedding, so you may have questions in addition to RSVPs.

Early Steps You Can Take To Make It Easier To Send Thank-You Notes

Thank-you notes are sent after your wedding, but there are steps you should take before your special day. Save your address information from when you sent out your invitations, as you can use it to send your thank-you notes. You can also search for the right thank-you cards when you are looking for invitations, to save future shopping effort.

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