Making The Most Of The Dance Floor At Your Reception

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

Your ceremony is where you and your partner can declare your love for each other, and celebrate spending your lives together. This is a moment where all eyes are on you…of course, it will not be the only moment where you two hold the spotlight. During your wedding reception, you may have several planned activities, but one particularly common – and popular – moment is the couple’s first dance. With some planning and training, you can show off some terrific moves, and make the most of this moment. After you share this dance, you can open up the floor to all of your happy guests. With the right music and the right mood, you can count on keeping your dance floor full!

Planning Your First Dance As A Couple

While you should not feel like you have to showcase amazing skills during your first dance, couples have used this moment as an occasion to break out some impressive moves. All you should worry about is feeling confident as everyone watches you and your partner share that first spin on the dance floor as a married couple. Many people will pay for help from a dance studio to build up their confidence. One thing you should keep in mind is that if you want to practice effectively, wear the shoes you expect to wear during your reception – switching from athletic shoes to heels could provide an unexpected challenge.

Finding The Right Person To Play Music During Your Reception

Finding a wedding DJ or live band to play at your wedding can be an important choice. After all, you need more than just a source for music. The right performer can read the room, and know when to break out something uptempo versus something slower and more romantic.

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