Planning The Perfect Wedding Look For The Groom

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

Finding the right bridal gown is a big part of planning your wedding, but the groom needs to make some important fashion choices, too. A classic tuxedo is still a popular option when it comes to outfitting the groom, but this is hardly the only choice open to them. You may choose to wear something less formal, or you may prefer a non-traditional tux. While the groom has some freedom in what to wear, there are still a few rules to follow. Every groom should look for a suit that is well-fitted, and appropriate to the formality of the event itself. Of course, because this is the first event for the bride and groom as a married couple, the couple should be a good style match with each other.

Find A Suit That Fits The Formality Of Your Wedding

The choice to wear a formal tuxedo, or a more casual suit, can depend on the kind of wedding you want to have. When you look for the groom’s attire, remember that it needs to match the formality of the wedding you intend to host.

Matching Your Groom And Groomsmen

Your groom and groomsmen should enjoy a matching look. This does not necessarily mean that you all need identical outfits, but there should be a consistent theme and formality. Basically, a groom in a tux will look odd surrounded by groomsmen in more casual suits and ties. Of course, there should be some accessory to set the groom apart.

Making Sure The Groom’s Outfit Pairs Well With The Bride’s Dress

The groom and groomsmen need to match, but it is also important for the bride and groom to match. The happy couple should match in tone and style – if the bride wears a simpler, more rustic gown, the groom should wear something that fits those descriptors, too.

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