Refreshing Drink Options For A Warmer Wedding

The days are warming, and summer will be in full swing before we know it. The sunshine and extended days can make summer a great time to host your wedding. Part of planning for your wedding should involve working around the season when your event takes place. This can mean selecting wedding colors that suit the time of year – sunnier, breezier colors for warm months, and cooler tones when there is a chill in the air. This can also mean taking more direct action – if you know your guests will be warm, a plan to offer more refreshing cocktail options can be a well received gesture. 

Selecting BeveragesThat Offer A Familiar, Fruity Taste

Lighter cocktails, and beverages with fruity, citrus flavors, can be great for keeping guests refreshed. You can find drinks that mix with lemonade, or beverages that boast enticing flavors of peach and orange, to offer a crisp, rewarding taste.

When it comes to refreshing drinks, cocktails are not the only option open to you. If you provide beer and wine, look for lighter white wines, and light beers. Heavier drinks can feel out of place in the warmer months of spring and summer.

Other Ways To Make The Most Of The Season

You can find many ways to acknowledge the season. Your choice of floral arrangements can obviously depend on the time of year, as certain flowers will be in bloom around the time of your event. You can also use brighter wedding colors to complement the weather. If your ceremony is outdoors, you should make this clear to guests in advance, so they can plan their outfits to help them stay cool.

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