Should You Write Your Own Wedding Vows?

Professional Photo By: Urban Grey Photography

Bringing a DIY spirit to your wedding can be about more than just your decorating choices. Self-written wedding vows have enjoyed enduring popularity; you may have been to several weddings already where couples penned their own words to each other. Not every couple feels comfortable with this. You and your partner may feel that traditional vows are important, or you may just feel self-conscious about sharing your written words in front of your guests. With that said, those who choose to craft their own vows can find that it gives them a chance to share their feelings, and help everyone in attendance share real insight into the enduring love you and your partner share for each other.

Tips For Crafting Your Own Wedding Vows

While you may want to withhold what you say for the ceremony itself, you should discuss general guidelines for your vows with your partner. These discussions should help you stay on the same page when it comes to the length, and tone, of what you write. While you can look to other vows, or works of poetry and prose, for inspiration, try to make sure your vows consist of your words, not someone else’s. Once you have them prepared, practice saying your vows out loud. The moment you exchange these words at your ceremony will be full of emotion, and those rehearsals can help you stay focused.

Finding Ways To Personalize Your Wedding

Your wedding day should feel like a reflection of you and your partner. When you plan your wedding, you will need to make big choices about how formal the event should be, what you serve, and what size event you want to host. If you want to add personal touches, DIY decorative touches can allow you to work in details of your relationship to help people see why you and your partner feel so close.

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