Tips To Help You Create A More Relaxed Wedding Atmosphere

Professional Photo By: T Walker Photography

Not every couple dreams of a wedding with the fanciest formal wear, fine dining, and sophisticated decorations. A more laid back, less formal event can be more in line with what you want from your special day. In fact, many couples have found great success by focusing on how they can enjoy a wedding where people can be more casual, more relaxed, and more intimate. Our venue can help you celebrate your love surrounded by rustic beauty. Of course, your perfect atmosphere can be about more than the location, or the use of charming DIY decorations. Your tone can also be reflected in your clothing choices, and in your reception dinner.

Communicating The Tone Of Your Wedding To Your Guests

If you want to host a more casual event, you can make that clear with your invitations. Vivid colors, softer and more natural paper textures, and meaningful language can help set a more casual tone for your wedding day. The right invitations will give everyone an idea of what to expect, while still showing how much thought and attention you are putting into your special day.

What To Wear At A More Relaxed Wedding

If you want to emphasize rustic charm and a laid-back atmosphere, an intricate, overly formal bridal gown can be a poor fit for what you are planning. A simpler, more elegant dress may be right for your setting. Of course, this is your wedding, and ultimately, the outfit you choose should be something you are excited to be seen in as you walk down the aisle.

Enjoying A Laid-Back, Meaningful Reception

If you plan a more relaxed affair, your meal plans should line up with the decorations, and the atmosphere. You can serve something fun, like barbecue, to your guests. Having tables served family-style can be a fun way to distribute meals without requiring people to leave their tables.

Texas Old Town Can Help You Live Your Fantasy Wedding

Texas Old Town can help you host your dream wedding, and enjoy a wonderful celebration with your friends and family. Our venue is sure to make your wedding, special event, or corporate event a truly memorable occasion! To set up a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.