Using Flowers In Your Wedding Decorations

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

When it comes to how you plan your wedding, you have options. Some couples like to be involved in every way possible, and can come up with unique DIY wedding decorations to use at their special day. Others will find that they prefer to utilize professional support where available, and may find that the all-inclusive wedding package from Texas Old Town is their preferred way to execute their wedding vision. No matter what approach you take, there are a few uniting elements when it comes to the look of your wedding. Almost every couple will find some use for flowers as decorations. You can create large floral centerpieces and other decorative units, or you may prefer to use them judiciously, to add splashes of color. With the right planning, you can find a way to use flowers to make your wedding style fit your vision, and your wallet. 

Adding Color To Your Wedding Ceremony

Floral pieces can have more or less impact in your ceremony space, depending on the location. An outdoor wedding can be a great space for floral decorations, as you and your guests will already have nature on your mind. You can use flowers to create a natural color pop at the altar, or in the aisle. Of course, you should remember that you will have plenty of flowers already with boutonnieres and bouquets carried by your bridal party, and worn by female relatives.

Using Floral Arrangements To Decorate Your Reception

Flower centerpieces can give your reception tables vibrant color, or use different pieces to decorate serving spaces, if you offer your dinner to your guests as a buffet. Flowers give you a natural, attractive way to introduce your wedding colors into your reception space.

Texas Old Town Can Help You Plan A Beautiful, Colorful Wedding

At Texas Old Town, you can create your perfect wedding space with our ceremony and reception spaces. In addition to providing a great setting for your special day, we can also help you make preparations! We are proud to welcome couples looking to host a wedding, and we can be a great spot for a corporate event, or other special event. To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.