Weighing Your Food And Drink Serving Options

Professional Photo By: Elizabeth Birdsong Photography

When it comes to planning your wedding reception dinner, you need to address what will be served, as well as how it will be served. You can enjoy some flexibility when it comes to picking someone to cater your event, and you can find great options on our preferred wedding vendors list. The way you deliver food will influence the tone of your event – after all, presentation matters. This decision can also affect your overall costs for the reception. Bar service is another area where you will have to weigh several options. The decision to offer an open bar (full or partial), and the question of how many items to serve can affect your wallet, and influence how your guests perceive your event.

How Should I Serve Dinner At My Reception?

So you selected the perfect main dish, you have your sides, and you know who you want to prepare everything. Deciding how those meals should be served can be deceptively important. If you want to have a formal reception atmosphere, a buffet can undercut your efforts. However, you can use a buffet or family style serving approach to help everyone feel more relaxed, and more comfortable. While you can save on food costs with plated meals, paying to have servers on hand to deliver those plates can affect matters, especially if your guest list is longer. Make sure you discuss the potential financial impact of these choices when you meet with vendors.

What Kind Of Bar Service Should I Provide?

An open bar with a wide selection of drinks can be great for guests, but it may stretch your budget. You can offset costs by doing a partial open bar (only offering beer and wine, or his-and-hers cocktails, for free). That way, guests can still enjoy complimentary beverages, and you can control your expenses.

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