What Kind Of Meal Should You Offer At Your Reception Dinner?

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Exploring your different meal options for your reception dinner can be fun, especially when a tasting is involved. With that said, it can start to feel overwhelming when you realize you need to make a choice among many great options. The atmosphere at your wedding can help you make the right choice. If you want to enjoy a day that feels more casual, and focuses more on fun than formality, an elaborate, plated meal can feel out of place. You can also narrow down your options based on the needs of guests – you may need to make sure vegan options are available, for instance. You can explore a number of different options from catering companies, and even many restaurants. You can also receive some support from Texas Old Town by reviewing our preferred vendors list.

Choosing The Right Food Options, And Determining The Best Approach To Serving

You will need to pick the right meals from the right caterer when you decide what you want to serve. You also need to think about how that food should be served. Your serving options vary between serving plated meals to individuals, a buffet arrangement, or having tables receive family style portions. Serving a plated meal can help keep up with a formal mood, while your other options can be great for more laid-back evenings.

Planning A Reception Dinner Is About More Than Just The Food

Your reception is about more than just the food you serve, or how you serve it. You will want to think about your beverage serving options, your entertainment, and your decorative touches. Fortunately, you can enjoy considerable support in all of your planning efforts with an all-inclusive wedding package from Texas Old Town.

Enjoy An Amazing Wedding And Reception At Texas Old Town

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