Who Should You Invite To A Pre-Wedding Event?

The several events that lead up to your wedding day all carry their own significance, and they can be suited to somewhat different attendees. Many of the responsibilities connected to planning these events can fall to your parents, or to the people in your wedding party. With that said, there is one area you will need to be involved in, which is communicating who should be invited. Unfortunately, this may feel difficult to navigate. How do you determine who should attend certain events? How large should your turnout be? There is flexibility in these matters – after all, this is your wedding, and you should enjoy some freedom in these pre-wedding events. With that said, some helpful guidelines about who is traditionally invited can make it easier to decide who should be welcomed at particular events.

Who Should You Welcome To Your Bridal Shower?

Your bridal party will obviously be welcome to this, as well as the women in your close family, and your partner’s. You can also welcome any close friends you might want to include, but make sure your guest list is limited to those people who will be invited to your wedding.

Is A Bachelorette Party Just For You And Your Bridesmaids?

A bachelorette party is rarely something you want your family around to enjoy, but this event does not have to be limited to your bridal party. You can welcome close friends, or people who have other roles in your wedding.

Who Should You Welcome To Your Rehearsal Dinner?

Welcoming out of town guests to your rehearsal dinner is a great way to thank them for traveling to be there for you. Typically, these guests, along with the wedding party, and close family members, will attend the rehearsal dinner.

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