Month: June 2018

Should You Set Yourself Up With A Sweetheart Table?

As you go through your process of planning your wedding reception, you can realize just how much thought is required to organize this event. You need to think about food, decorations, dessert, and entertainment. You also have to plan a seating chart, which can pose its own special challenges. As you sort out who goes… Read more »

Using The Right Resources To Track Your Planning Efforts

Reserving your spot at Texas Old Town can provide you with great amenities on your wedding day. With an accommodating space, and access to the right wedding vendors, you can cut down on planning stress. With that said, there will always be a commitment of time and energy that comes with preparing for your special… Read more »

Who Takes Care Of The Rehearsal Dinner?

The rehearsal dinner could be classified as one of your pre-wedding events, along with your shower, your bachelor and bachelorette parties, and your engagement party. With that said, it arrives so close to your wedding that it may feel more like an extension of your special day. The wedding rehearsal, and following dinner, serves as… Read more »

Why We Offer All-Inclusive Wedding Packages

People marry at different points in their life. When you and your partner set a date to tie the knot, you may be finishing school. You could both be working hard to make strides in your respective careers. While wedding planning is always an investment of time and energy, some couples simply have less to… Read more »

What You Should Know About Wedding Ceremony Programs

What do your guests gain by having a wedding ceremony program to pick up when they arrive? This brief outline of activities during your ceremony is good for giving people an idea of what to expect during your event. It also serves to clue people in on traditions they may not be familiar with, which… Read more »

Some Things To Think About When You Plan Your Seating Chart

There are many tasks you can entrust to professionals over the course of planning your wedding. The right people can help you look your best, provide amazing food and drinks, and create the ideal setting for your wedding ceremony and reception. Of course, there are matters that should fall on your shoulders. One of the… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair And Makeup Services

Professional hair and makeup support will help you and your bridal party look great as you walk down the aisle. Professional stylists help you make sure you look your best, but there are other key advantages that make people see their services as indispensable. One benefit is time management – simply put, an expert on… Read more »

Finding The Wedding Colors That Perfectly Suit Your Style

Having your wedding colors will make it easier to plan your decorations, which will allow you to personalize your ceremony and reception spaces. A wedding palette can be inspired by your personal favorite colors, but you need to make sure those colors work well together, and fit in with the surroundings already in place at… Read more »

3 Tips To Help You Feel At Ease Speaking At Your Wedding

When you stand at the altar with your partner, or enter your wedding reception, you can enjoy the sight of your guests with you to share your special day. That crowd can help you feel supported at your wedding, but people who feel uncomfortable speaking in public may feel some pressure in a situation where… Read more »

Making The Most Of Your First Dance

With great food, refreshing drinks, and great music, you can keep your guests happy and lively at your wedding reception. Of course, when it comes to making the most of the evening, many will be excited to use your dance floor area. Before they do, all eyes will be on you and your partner as… Read more »