3 Things To Think About When Selecting Bridesmaid Dresses

Professional Photo By: Nicole Chatham Photography

Shopping for your wedding dress can be fun, but it brings its own challenges. Unlike many of the tasks before you in wedding planning, which can be handled through an all-inclusive wedding package from Texas Old Town, dress shopping demands your full effort. This is true of shopping for your bridesmaid dresses, too. While there is less pressure to find that perfect dress for the people standing at the altar with you, this can be a tough job. After all, you need to find the right dress to satisfy your own tastes, while trying to find the best compromise for the handful of people who have agreed to support your special day.

1. There May Not Be A “Perfect Dress” That Fits Every Bridesmaid Perfectly

Your bridesmaids may come in different shapes and sizes, to the point that there may not be a single “right” dress for all of them. This can be especially true for those brides who have a larger bridal party. Accepting this – and thinking about what kind of compromises might be called for – will make the shopping experience easier.

In some cases, brides will allow bridesmaids to exercise some freedom when it comes to their dresses. Some brides will encourage their bridesmaids to pick out their own dress, though you can ask that they all select the same color and fabric, to retain consistency.

2. Think About The Cost Of The Dress

Bridesmaids typically assume the cost of their dress. When you search for the right gown, be mindful that some might have a hard time covering the expense of something more expensive.

3. Think About How The Color Of The Dresses Will Work With Your Wedding Colors

What color do you want your bridesmaid dresses to be? Think about the other colors that will be featured – your wedding colors, and the colors in the venue. Look for a shade that will fit in nicely with your surroundings.

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