3 Tips To Help You Feel At Ease Speaking At Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

When you stand at the altar with your partner, or enter your wedding reception, you can enjoy the sight of your guests with you to share your special day. That crowd can help you feel supported at your wedding, but people who feel uncomfortable speaking in public may feel some pressure in a situation where they need to talk. When you give a toast at your reception, or if you want to share your own vows, shyness can feel intrusive. Fortunately, it is possible to combat these feelings of discomfort, and make the most of those moments where you are expected to speak in front of your guests.

1. Rehearsal Is Important

If you are not accustomed to talking in front of larger groups, rehearsals will help. Practice saying a toast, or vows, can make you more confident when the time comes to say these things in front of everyone. Rehearsals can also help you fine-tune a speech and vow, making the writing process easier.

2. Keep It Simple, Keep It Heartfelt

Your speech is about sharing your love for your partner with your guests. Your goal should be to be as heartfelt as possible, and true to your feelings. Style touches are nice, but if you feel self-conscious about speaking, or sharing your writing, just focus on delivering something honest.

3. Relax!

All eyes will be on you and your partner during your wedding. While the thought of this might make it harder to give a toast, or deliver those custom vows, remember that everyone is there to help celebrate your love, not judge your performance. Think of it as a moment to share your love with the people you care about, not a public speech, and you can find it easier to speak in front of your guests.

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