Communicating Your Preference For An Adults-Only Wedding

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

Your choice of whether or not to welcome children at your wedding can have a number of consequences. By limiting your celebration to adults, you can gain more spots on your guest list, and avoid issues where younger guests act out. However, there is one difficult aspect of this decision – you will need to communicate your preference to your guests. This can make some couples uncomfortable, as they can feel like this choice may put them at odds with some of the people they would like to welcome on their special day. While the idea of being too blunt on this point may make you uncomfortable, a lack of clarity can lead people to assume they are allowed to bring children. With the proper approach, you can make a clear point, without leading to hurt feelings or miscommunication.

Making Sure Your Invitations Are Clear About Your Preference

You do not need to be explicit about your choice to only welcome adults to your wedding. Close friends and family who help you plan can gently share this news, to help make it clear. One thing you can do is make it absolutely clear which members of the household are invited. Make sure an invitation sent to a couple with kids exclusively lists their names – saying “and family” will suggest everyone is welcome.

Can I Still Have A Ring Bearer Or Flower Girl If My Reception Is Adults-Only?

An adults-only wedding does not mean you have to do without your ring bearer and flower girl, but it does mean you need to make accommodations for them. Prepare a separate play space for the kids, with a designated sitter. This will allow them to stay entertained, and it will enable their parents to enjoy their evening with the rest of the adults.

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