Deciding On Beverage Options For Your Reception

Professional Photo By: Brio Photography

Keeping your guests entertained during your wedding reception means supplying good food, fun music, and other entertainment. Many couples who plan their wedding will pay attention to all of these, but they will also take care to think about their bar service. With an open bar service, you can keep your guests’ glasses full without asking them to pay anything. As popular as the idea of a totally open bar might be, the cost can make people nervous. Thinking about what to serve with your bar can allow you to keep guests happy without straining your budget. Are you and your partner thinking of keeping our wedding alcohol-free? Offering up a fun beverage alternative can be less expensive than bar service, while still giving people something to enjoy. 

Making Smart Choices With Signature Cocktails

Offering signature cocktails can be a fun way to personalize your wedding. Depending on the beverages you select, it can have different degrees of impact on your expenses. With that said, one potentially cost-friendly choice you can make is to limit your cocktail selection to these two items. That way, the only liquor and mixers you need are just those select items that go into your two mixed drinks.

Offering Up Something Special At An Alcohol-Free Wedding Reception

Many people will choose to host an alcohol-free wedding, for many different reasons. What you should think about is offering some kind of special beverage to your guests. Is your wedding in the summer? A refreshing lemonade for your cocktail hour can help attendees cool down. If your wedding is in a colder season, serving coffee or tea with dessert can be greatly appreciated.

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