Finding The Wedding Colors That Perfectly Suit Your Style

Professional Photo By: Addison Studios

Having your wedding colors will make it easier to plan your decorations, which will allow you to personalize your ceremony and reception spaces. A wedding palette can be inspired by your personal favorite colors, but you need to make sure those colors work well together, and fit in with the surroundings already in place at your venue. You should also think about how your preferred colors contribute to the formality of your event. Once you have your colors selected, you can “preview” them by incorporating them into your wedding invitation or save-the-date designs.

Taking Cues From Your Location, And The Season

When you think about the time of year when your wedding will take place, you can probably list a few colors that seem appropriate to that season. You can follow that inspiration, or go for contrast – for instance, offset the chilly palette of winter with sunnier colors. You should also look at how your preferred colors will fit in when surrounded by your venue spaces. Many couples will find at least one color from the venue they want to include in their overall colors.

Wedding Colors Can Inform The Formality Of Your Event

The formality and spirit of your wedding are influenced by the colors used in your decorations. Darker and richer colors can be more dramatic, while softer tones can be more relaxed. When you know what kind of wedding experience you want, it can be easier to find colors that conform to that, rather than trying to think of these as separate issues.

Should I Feature My Wedding Colors In My Save-The-Date Or Invitation Designs?

No one is going to begrudge you for deviating in your color scheme between your invitations and your wedding colors. With that said, invitations and save-the-dates communicate matters of theme and formality. When used well, the right colors can help convey your preferences in your decorations, and in your communications.

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