Helpful Guidance On Giving Gifts To Your Wedding Party

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

You can count on guests to bring gifts at your bridal shower, and on the day of your wedding. While most traditions see people bring gifts to the happy couple, there are some gift-giving responsibilities that will fall to you and your partner. It is customary to offer gifts as a token of thanks to the people who make up your wedding party. You can select a gift that is associated with the wedding, or something made to help them commemorate your special day. While this can be a smaller gesture, it should still reflect your full appreciation for everything they have done to help you. 

When Should I Deliver Our Gifts To The People In Our Wedding Party?

You can take a moment at your rehearsal dinner to offer your gifts to the people in your wedding party, but this is not strictly necessary. In fact, it may feel awkward to hand out gifts to a certain group of people at your dinner, especially if you hold a larger rehearsal event. You do have the option of giving out gifts on the day of your wedding, particularly if you hold a special lunch or brunch before getting ready. For your groomsmen, a gift that doubles as wedding attire (like matching ties) can be handed out while you prepare for the ceremony.

Creating Personalized Gifts

Having a personalized message engraved on your gifts to your wedding party can help them tie that item to your special day, or you can craft individual messages to each person. For instance, small pieces of jewelry, or canvas bags, that have been personalized can be a touching gesture, and they can offer lasting value.

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