How Do I Decide Who Receives A Plus-One Invitation?

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The time you spend deciding on your guest list for your wedding can be a particularly stressful moment. After all, you may not have the budget to welcome everyone you would like to invite, and you may fret over the possibility of accidentally leaving someone off your list. One issue that can complicate matters is determining who receives a plus-one for your special day. It can be obvious to invite couples when you are familiar with both parties, or when you invite someone married. However, it can be more difficult to figure out who among your friends and family should be bringing an extra person.

Can’t Decide If Someone Should Receive A Plus-One? Use These Guidelines To Help

In some cases, it will be easy to invite a couple. Married couples, and couples who are both friends with you and/or your partner, can be rather obvious recipients. In other cases, think about how serious the relationship is, and what kind of experience the person you invite is likely to have. A couple who live together can have more claim on a plus-one invitation than a guest whose relationship is relatively recent. A single person who has many friends attending the wedding can be in less need of a plus-one than someone who might be unfamiliar with most, or all, of your guests.

Other Important Decisions To Make When It Comes To Inviting Guests

There are a few details of your wedding you need to know when you send out your wedding invitations. Beyond knowing how many people you can afford to invite, you should know about your dinner menu – while a buffet will not require feedback, you may need to ask someone to pick between courses at a plated dinner. You also need to determine if you and your partner want to welcome children, or host an adults-only event.

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