Offering Refreshments To Your Guests Before The Ceremony

Professional Photo By: Urban Grey Photography

As important as they are to a successful wedding reception, the right food and drink options can also add great value to your ceremony. This does not have to be an elaborate spread – you can arrange for friends and family to encounter a beverage, or something to snack on, as they arrive. This can set a great first impression, and help make the wait for your reception dinner a little easier. The appropriate offering can depend on the season. If you are having a summer wedding, something like lemonade can help people cool off. For a wedding during a cooler time of year, you can help people stay warm with hot chocolate!

Making Accommodations For Time And Temperature

Your wedding choices should be reflective of the season. This is certainly true for any refreshments you set out to greet guests before the ceremony. Your goal should be to help them feel comfortable, in addition to giving them a friendly greeting. Snacks and drinks will always be popular, but it can be especially helpful if you have a wedding in the evening, as you may be asking your guests to eat at an unusually late hour.

Other Decorative Choices You Can Make To Greet Your Guests

You can set up a charming, personalized area where guests can sign your guest book, or leave their wedding gifts. You can make personalized signs to direct people to their seats, and to tell them hello. Since you will not be able to directly meet and greet your guests as they arrive, a personalized greeting station can allow you to make a good first impression. This can do more than just add a warm welcome, as it can make it easier for guests to see, and then sign, your guest book upon arriving.

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