Should You Set Yourself Up With A Sweetheart Table?

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

As you go through your process of planning your wedding reception, you can realize just how much thought is required to organize this event. You need to think about food, decorations, dessert, and entertainment. You also have to plan a seating chart, which can pose its own special challenges. As you sort out who goes where, one couple can be especially tricky to place – you and your partner. You can arrange to have a classic Sweetheart Table, where you and your partner will share a private dining space. You also have the option of setting up a larger space for the two of you, plus your wedding party members, and/or members of your family.

Advantages And Disadvantages To Your Sweetheart Table

One big benefit to creating a Sweetheart Table is that you and your partner will have a little bit of privacy at your reception. Being able to catch up and chat, or share a private joke, can help you both stay comfortable during a busy day. It also cuts out any debate over who should and should not be welcome at your table. After all, when you cap your seats at two, there is no room for arguing!

One downside to the Sweetheart Table is that you can feel isolated, or like you have separated yourself from your party. You have all of your close friends and family with you, so why not bring them all together? This arrangement can also encourage more of your guests to feel comfortable walking over and congratulating the two of you.

Who Should A Bride And Groom Sit With?

If you decide to go with a group table, who should you include? If you have a larger wedding party, it may be hard to fit everyone, along with their dates. If you want to represent friends and family, you can sit with the best man, the maid/matron of honor, and both sets of parents.

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