Some Things To Think About When You Plan Your Seating Chart

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There are many tasks you can entrust to professionals over the course of planning your wedding. The right people can help you look your best, provide amazing food and drinks, and create the ideal setting for your wedding ceremony and reception. Of course, there are matters that should fall on your shoulders. One of the trickier jobs that will fall to you is the arranging of your guests during your reception dinner. As you plan, you will have to consider which individuals make sense together, and which family members need to be far apart. It can be a delicate balance to strike, but with effective planning, you can arrange a seating chart that keeps your guests happy, and your event lively.

Give Yourself Time To Plan, And Be Detailed

Giving yourself time to think through your seating chart, and creating an easy-to-use and easy-to-follow planning outline, will make this task considerably easier. You can have scores of people to arrange, so you will likely revisit your decisions more than once. With time and proper organization, you can make adjustments without losing track of everything you’ve laid out.

Should I Play Matchmaker With My Seating Chart?

On a day where you celebrate your love, you may be tempted to spread those good feelings. Making it easier for single guests to mingle can be a good idea, but you should not feel like you have to push every single person into the same area. Attendees who belong to a group of friends will likely want to be close to the people they know.

Other Things To Consider

Your wedding is not the place for guests to settle scores – if you know people have friction, try to keep them apart, for the sake of a peaceful dinner. If you welcome kids, keeping families nearby can give them friends to interact with…and keep them from roaming too freely in search of playmates.

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