Tips For Helping You Create Your Guest List

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You may be planning a larger wedding, where you welcome as many people in your life as you can. You could also be planning a more intimate celebration, where you share your day with a select group of close friends and family. Both choices can bring about problems when it comes to creating your guest list for your wedding. You may have a hard time deciding exactly where your cutoff point should be for who to welcome at a larger wedding. After all, it is easier for someone to take the lack of an invitation personally when you are less selective about who to invite. On the other hand, an intimate wedding calls for significant limitations where it concerns the people sharing in your celebration. When you know what size wedding you prefer, you can take a smart approach to deciding who should receive an invitation.

Inviting Family Members

If you and your partner have smaller families, selecting who to invite will be relatively easy. However, for those with more relatives, it can be difficult to decide who to welcome. Many couples will confer with their parents about who they believe you should invite. This is particularly recommended if your parents are helping with your wedding costs.

Inviting Friends And Coworkers

The size of your wedding can dictate where your line is for who to include. Should you prioritize long-standing friendships, even if some of those people are less close to you now? What should you do about a new friend or coworker you feel especially close to? One way to simplify matters is to set a clear guideline to help make a decision about guests. Has this new friend met your partner? Is your old friend someone you spoke with in the last year, or expect to see in the next? Setting a standard can relieve the pressures of making tough choices.

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