What You Should Know About Wedding Ceremony Programs

Professional Photo By: Elizabeth Birdsong Photography

What do your guests gain by having a wedding ceremony program to pick up when they arrive? This brief outline of activities during your ceremony is good for giving people an idea of what to expect during your event. It also serves to clue people in on traditions they may not be familiar with, which can make them more comfortable. Your guests can also just appreciate having a memento of your special day that they can take home. Many elements of the program you design are going to be apparent – after all, you are outlining the events that will take place, as they take place. The execution of that format, and the creativity you exercise in the design, can help make a more impressive, and memorable, program.

Is A Ceremony Program Really Necessary?

A wedding program is not mandatory – your special day can still play out perfectly, even if people do not have a handy outline of events. With that said, it is a popular tradition with many people, especially those who like to take home something as a keepsake. If you have guests who might be unfamiliar with some of the traditions you want to honor during your ceremony, a program can introduce them, which can make the event easier to follow.

Including Personal Touches In Your Programs

You should not feel limited to breaking down everything taking place during your ceremony. By designing your program, you can add personal details, and decorative touches, that add to its value. You can give a little backstory to how you and your partner met, or comment on a shared interest (for example, film lovers might want to make a cover that looks like a movie poster).

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