Month: July 2018

Should You Consider Providing Pre-Ceremony Refreshments?

Offering refreshing snacks or drinks before your wedding ceremony can give you a way to extend a friendly greeting to your guests. The right beverage can be a great way to acknowledge the season of your special day. A refreshing cocktail before a warmer wedding can be welcomed by guests. If you plan to host… Read more »

Making Time To Create Your DIY Wedding Decorations

Because they can be less costly, and because they can give your wedding a unique charm, many couples are drawn to the idea of DIY wedding decorations. Gathering materials and assembling decorations yourself leads to some fun benefits. You can be excited to showcase your creativity, and you can lower your expenses by taking on… Read more »

Making Smart Use Of Your Wedding Website

When you walk down the aisle, you will probably prefer if people keep their phones in their pocket so they can give their attention to your wedding ceremony. With that said, you may appreciate how phones (and desktops) can serve as an effective communication tool when it comes to sharing wedding information. Many couples set… Read more »

Making Sure Guests’ Last-Minute Questions Are Answered

By taking the time to plan out your event, find the right wedding vendors, and keep up with questions your guests might have, you can minimize stress on your wedding day. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that your preparations will be free of questions or confusion leading up to your ceremony. Your focus before you… Read more »

How Much Decorating Should You Do For Your Ceremony Space?

With a beautiful outdoor ceremony space at Texas Old Town, you can find that you have little need to decorate. After all, you will be surrounded by the verdant backdrop of Texas hill country, which can be stunning on its own. While an outdoor ceremony space can be lovely on its own, a few decorating… Read more »

Planning A Guest-Friendly (And Cost-Friendly) Bar Service

Bar service during your wedding reception can help keep your guests in good spirits during your gathering. For many couples, providing an open bar with mixed drinks, and an assortment of beer and wine, can help their event feel like a proper celebration. Of course, not everyone feels comfortable with this approach. An open bar… Read more »

Serving Your Guests A Wonderful Reception Dinner

There is no single “right” meal that you should serve to guests at your wedding reception. You can meet with many different catering services, and you may find that your favorite restaurant also caters at big events. When you and your partner discuss what to serve to your guests, you can make a decision based… Read more »

Important Music Moments At Your Wedding

As you concentrate on creating an amazing wedding experience, you may realize that much of your efforts go towards how everything will look. After all, you need to find your wedding colors, design invitations, and think about the various decorative flourishes you want in your wedding ceremony and reception spaces. Your best wedding experience is… Read more »

4 Small Tricks That Can Make Your Wedding Day Easier

You made your plans, celebrated at your pre-wedding events, and your wedding rehearsal was a total success. Even after everything goes well before your big day, your excitement may be met by some apprehension. After all, you still need to do some planning and preparing on the day itself, and see to it that all… Read more »

Providing The Right Information On Your Wedding Invitations

Once you have your date set, and your list of proposed guests confirmed, you can start planning your wedding invitations. A good invitation will communicate important information clearly, and give a glimpse of the style and formality of your event. One reason people sometimes fret over the design and mailing of invitations is that they… Read more »