3 Ideas For Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

When couples provide wedding favors for their guests, they are able to send people away with a gesture of appreciation for their attendance and support of their special day. There is a long tradition of providing favors to the people in attendance, but that does not mean you are bound to offer something traditional. Many couples have had success on their special day with wedding favors that are personalized, fun, or even homemade! You can impress guests with wedding favors that reflect your wedding day – for example, by offering handmade items at a DIY wedding event. What you should remember is that your objective is to show people how much you appreciate them by providing something meaningful.

1. Providing Wedding Donation Favors

Putting a charitable spin on the wedding favor can be appreciated by your guests. If you have a charity or cause you feel connected to, reach out to them to find out how you can set up a donation based on your wedding activity, and what you can do to announce this donation to your guests.

2. Offer Wedding Favors That Suit The Season

If your wedding style is inspired by the season, you can provide favors that reflect this. Think about the colors, images, and treats that correspond to the time of year, and create your favors accordingly.

3. Creating Special DIY Wedding Favors

A DIY wedding can be wonderfully capped with DIY wedding favors. Favors that you create yourself can be more unique, and more memorable, than something you purchase. If you feel that the task of creating favors for all of your guests might be difficult, you can create a special get-together with members of your wedding party, and work together!

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