4 Small Tricks That Can Make Your Wedding Day Easier

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

You made your plans, celebrated at your pre-wedding events, and your wedding rehearsal was a total success. Even after everything goes well before your big day, your excitement may be met by some apprehension. After all, you still need to do some planning and preparing on the day itself, and see to it that all of your earlier efforts work out. As joyful as they can be, weddings can also be stressful and unpredictable. Fortunately, you can take some surprisingly simple steps the day of to make sure that yours is a big success. Being prepared on the day of your wedding can be as important as smart planning leading up to your event!

1. Have Snacks Available While You And Your Bridal Party Prepare For The Ceremony

Depending on the size of your bridal party, you could be spending several hours preparing for your walk down the aisle. This can lead to missed meal times, which can lead to poorer attitudes. Having snacks on hand while you prepare can help you keep your spirits high before the ceremony.

2. Think About Switching To More Comfortable Shoes For Your Reception

The ideal footwear for your ceremony may not be the best choice for your reception. Switching to a more comfortable pair after your ceremony can make it easier to mingle and dance the night away. Look for a shoe of similar height – the change in heel size may affect the way your dress looks.

3. Pack An Emergency Kit!

Accidents happen, but they are easier to manage when you are prepared. Double-sided tape, floss, band-aids, hygiene items, and safety pins can all make for an effective emergency kit if you need to quickly and discreetly tackle an unexpected issue.

4. Set Aside Cash For Vendors In Separate, Sealed Envelopes (And Keep Them Somewhere Safe!)

Having money ready for your wedding vendors at the end of the night can make it easier to wrap up your evening, and it can help you avoid stress and confusion at the last minute. Sealed, marked envelopes with cash can help you keep track of payments, and allow you to take care of everyone without delay.

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