Important Music Moments At Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

As you concentrate on creating an amazing wedding experience, you may realize that much of your efforts go towards how everything will look. After all, you need to find your wedding colors, design invitations, and think about the various decorative flourishes you want in your wedding ceremony and reception spaces. Your best wedding experience is about more than just how everything looks – music will play a big part in your special day. There are several moments that call for just the right song. While there are traditional pieces to play during your ceremony, your reception can encourage more freedom in what you select. Whether you have a wedding DJ, or prefer live music, the right music at the right moments will be important.

Important Music Moments During Your Ceremony

You can provide processional and recessional music selections that stick to tradition, or you can look for a fun modern spin. It should be noted that if you are hosting a more formal and traditional wedding, modern pieces can feel out of place.

Important Music Moments During Your Reception

There are many important moments during your reception, and having the right song can be important. You will want to play something fun during the arrival of your wedding party at the reception, and something with a great beat during your first dance. When the time comes to have your first dance as a married couple, think about what song might be important to you and your partner. This moment, like the father-daughter and mother-son dances, should be about you and your relationship, not what people might “expect” to hear. Your cake-cutting song should be sweet – after all, it is being paired with dessert – but it can be more upbeat than a tender love song.

Enjoy Amazing Moments During Your Wedding At Texas Old Town

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