Incorporating Photos Into Your Wedding Decorations

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

What kind of benefits do couples enjoy when they pursue wedding decorations that showcase DIY touches? A DIY wedding can be a great opportunity to save money, and provide personal touches that set your special day apart. One thing you can do when you set up DIY decorations is work personal photos into your reception space. Using photos of you and your partner as a couple, or using older photos that feature you as kids, can provide a personal aspect that professional decorations cannot approach. This approach can also be a gentle nudge to your guests to take more pictures of their own! 

Adding Personal Touches To Your Ceremony And Reception Spaces

Using DIY decorations in your ceremony and reception spaces can create a wonderful effect for your special day. Your guests can feel closer to you, and appreciate the effort you have made to make your event feel unique. It can also be an opportunity to showcase your creativity. You can look to hobbies, personal passions, or significant moments from your relationship to help guide you in planing custom decorations.

More Fun With Photos: Set Up A Photobooth For Your Guests At The Reception!

Taking pictures means saving moments, and creating lasting memories. You may want to limit picture taking to your professional photographer during your ceremony, but you should encourage people to snap photos during the reception. As smartphones have taken over, it can be easy to assume that guests will do plenty of picture taking without much prompting. If you want to make sure people go home with great images, you may want to set up a photobooth! You can rent a photobooth, and let people create those classic photo strips, or use a backdrop with props, and let them get creative with their pics!

Texas Old Town Provides A Great Space For Your Wedding

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