Is There A “Right” Season To Host Your Wedding?

Professional Photo By: Brio Photography

The time of year you set your wedding can certainly have an influence on your special day. This can be especially true for an outdoor ceremony, but all weddings should reflect the weather and season in some way. While the summer can be a popular time for weddings, the truth is that you should not feel excluded from your preference of date. In fact, as you plan your wedding, you can that a different season can help you make more interesting choices when you think about your wedding colors, your decorative pieces, and even your food and drink options. Being mindful of the ways in which the time of year can influence your wedding can help you create a truly wonderful, and memorable, celebration!

Using The Season To Inspire Your Decorations

What colors do you associate with the winter months? When you think about autumn, do you focus on the colors you find in changing leaves? The color palette you select for your wedding decorations should, in some way, reference the time of year you intend to host your event. This does not mean you have to pick colors that align perfectly with the season. In fact, you may want to do the opposite – using lusher, more tropical colors during a winter wedding can help make your event feel like a sort of getaway from the cold.

Providing Food And Drink Options That Are Seasonally Appropriate

While contrast can be effective when you think about your decorations, your food and beverage choices can be more enjoyable if you stay in line with the kind of options that suit the season. Serving lighter, more refreshing foods in the summer, or providing a warming cocktail during winter, can be greatly appreciated by your guests.

Texas Old Town Can Help You Host Your Ideal Wedding!

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