Making Smart Use Of Your Wedding Website

Professional Photo By: Nicole Chatham Photography

When you walk down the aisle, you will probably prefer if people keep their phones in their pocket so they can give their attention to your wedding ceremony. With that said, you may appreciate how phones (and desktops) can serve as an effective communication tool when it comes to sharing wedding information. Many couples set up a wedding website, which allows them to share important information. With your website, you can share links for your wedding registry, provide information that you should leave off your invitations, and go into details about attire, and your preference for whether guests bring their kids. While your wedding website can be a useful tool, remember that it should not be your only way to reach out to people. After all, you may have guests who prefer to receive their information offline.

Your Wedding Website Can Help You Communicate Matters That Don’t Belong On Your Invitation

With your wedding website, you can enjoy the space to go into detail on matters that will not fit on your invitations. While it can appear tacky to put your registry information on your invitations, it can be totally appropriate for your website. You can also add clarity to the formality of your event by giving some detail about preferred attire. You can also use this space to introduce your guests to the members of your wedding party.

Remember: Not Everyone Is As Comfortable Online As You Might Be

Wedding websites can be great for an internet-savvy couple. You can give details, share updates, and create your own fun wedding hashtag. With that said, if you assume everyone will visit your site, you are almost certain to run into problems. Older relatives, and people who generally find the internet less comfortable to navigate, may miss important information.

Texas Old Town Provides A Great Space For Your Wedding Day

You can plan and host a wonderful wedding day when you arrange to hold your special day at Texas Old Town. We are proud to make our Austin wedding venue available to couples, and we can serve as a great location for your corporate event or special event. To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.