Offering Tasty Treats In Addition To Your Wedding Cake

Professional Photo By: Brio Photography

When guests arrive at your reception dinner, they can look forward to a tasty meal, but they can be excited at the prospect of cake. For many people, a tiered white cake is one of the most recognizable wedding symbols, up there with the bridal gown and the image of a couple standing at the altar. Of course, if you want to take everyone’s dessert experience to the next level, you can certainly serve more than just cake. Offering additional dessert items can add variety, and it can give guests an alternative to enjoy if they find themselves in the mood for something other than cake. You can also exercise a little creativity with your choice, and create something memorable for your reception. 

Have Your Cake (And Eat A Second Dessert, Too!)

With a second dessert option, you can truly indulge those guests with a sweet tooth. You can explore many different treat options with a second dessert. You can provide something simple like cookies, or cupcakes. You can also try something unexpected, like miniature pies, or mousse. One thing you should do is think about what makes your other dessert, or desserts, different from cake. Adding a diversity of flavors and textures for sweet treats means giving people more options…or just more to experience!

Should You Look For Dessert Alternatives To Satisfy People With Dietary Concerns?

Serving guests with special dietary demands can be tough sometimes. While a vegetarian guest may find nothing objectionable about your wedding cake, a vegan guest may have to pass because dairy products were used in its making. Thinking about guests who have allergies, or who follow special diets, can show consideration to those who wanted to help you celebrate your special day. Dessert alternatives can be found that are suitable for guests who are vegan, who avoid gluten, or who have other concerns.

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