Picking The Right Outfits For Your Groomsmen

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While groomsmen can provide support on your wedding day, they can sometimes receive less attention than the bridesmaids. This can be particularly true when it comes to style choices. While a bride can inevitably stand out for being the only one in a white dress, you may be less sure of what you should do to make the groomsmen stand apart from the groom. You can also face questions concerning how formal, or how closely matched, they need to be. Different couples can make dramatically different choices here, as there are many approaches you could make. Think about how formal you want your wedding to be to determine how fancy the groomsmen should look. When it comes to setting them apart from the groom, you can create a distinction by having the groom depart from the others with a different color of jacket, or neckwear.

Do Groomsmen Need To Wear Identical Suits?

Your groomsmen do not need to have identical suits, but they can. If you choose to let them have some degree of flexibility, make sure everyone has a consistent level of formality, and have matching pieces for everyone. If you want your groomsmen in matching attire, look for a potential deal you can arrange for suit rentals, which can help with their costs.

Matching Groomsmen Attire To The Formality Of The Event

If you intend to have a casual wedding, your groomsmen may go without suits. If you want to keep matters formal, tuxedos can be appropriate. When you picture your groomsmen, make sure they fit into whatever style of wedding you are planning.

Think About What The Bridesmaids Will Wear

If you want to keep the wedding party tied together, think about having something that links the bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s outfits. Selecting pocket squares that match the color of bridesmaid dresses can be a subtle, but clear, way to create that connection.

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