Planning A Guest-Friendly (And Cost-Friendly) Bar Service

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

Bar service during your wedding reception can help keep your guests in good spirits during your gathering. For many couples, providing an open bar with mixed drinks, and an assortment of beer and wine, can help their event feel like a proper celebration. Of course, not everyone feels comfortable with this approach. An open bar can be cost-prohibitive for some, while others may have personal reasons for limiting alcohol, or keeping their wedding dry. Weighing these options, and exploring how your serving preferences can affect your budget, will help you make smart planning decisions. If you are interested in hosting an informal cocktail hour between your ceremony and reception, you will need to factor this in to your overall beverage costs.

What To Consider If You Want To Offer Signature Cocktails

Are you thinking about offering signature cocktails? With pre-selected drinks, you can offer up fun beverages that guests are encouraged to try out. This can keep your bar line moving – people who might pause and think about what to order can feel motivated to try one of these two options. One thing you should be mindful of is the potential cost – if your drinks use ingredients that are more expensive, your costs can rise.

Should I Plan A Cocktail Hour Between The Ceremony And Reception?

A cocktail hour can be a great way to occupy your guests while you, your partner, and your wedding party take photos. What you should recognize, however, is that this will raise your beverage costs, in addition to costs for foods. Offering lighter fare, and fewer options, can help you limit costs while making sure people are still ready to enjoy your reception dinner!

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