Providing The Right Information On Your Wedding Invitations

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

Once you have your date set, and your list of proposed guests confirmed, you can start planning your wedding invitations. A good invitation will communicate important information clearly, and give a glimpse of the style and formality of your event. One reason people sometimes fret over the design and mailing of invitations is that they feel unsure of what should, and should not, be included. Should you say something about the preferred dress? Can you mention your registry? When you know what to mention (and what you can leave to word-of-mouth, or your wedding website), it can make this step of your planning easier. If you select an all-inclusive wedding package from Texas Old Town, you can look forward to support with your wedding invitations. 

Make Sure Important Information Is Communicated To Your Guests

Some important information is obvious – you want to make sure the date, time, and address of the venue are all featured prominently. You may think this is self-evident, but a couple who fail to double-check their invitations may leave out one of these crucial pieces of information. When you send your invitations, be mindful of how you address your recipients. For instance, if you want a child-free wedding, sending an invitation to “the [Last Name family” can mislead them about whether they should bring their kids. A quick reference to preferred dress style can be included – phrases like “black tie” or “semi-formal” can clue guests in to how they should dress.

Keeping Information On Your Wedding Website

Some important information, like your gift registry, should be left off of your invitation. Fortunately, you can communicate on more issues when you have a wedding website. You can include the url for your wedding website in an invitation insert.

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