Serving Your Guests A Wonderful Reception Dinner

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

There is no single “right” meal that you should serve to guests at your wedding reception. You can meet with many different catering services, and you may find that your favorite restaurant also caters at big events. When you and your partner discuss what to serve to your guests, you can make a decision based on several factors. One thing to consider is simple – how do you like the meal? You should also think about how well what you serve fits in with the formality of your event, what you can offer to satisfy a large number of people, and how you want your meal served. Bringing these matters to a prospective caterer will help you communicate what you want, and figure out how they can satisfy your concerns.

Make Sure You Have The Right Information Ready For Your Caterer

If you want to make sure you hire the right vendors, go in to your meetings with the right information at hand. You should be able to give a caterer an estimate for guest size, and a preference for how formal you want your event to be. Expressing what you need at your initial meeting will help a catering company offer what you are looking for, and it can help you avoid unexpected costs if your guest size or needs change from what you initially discuss.

How Your Meal Choices Inform The Formality Of Your Event

Are you looking forward to a black tie wedding, or something more relaxed? The kind of dinner you serve should align with the formality of the occasion. That refers to more than just the food itself – you should also think about the presentation of your meals. Having a plated dinner can be expected at a fancier wedding, but you may prefer to serve food family style, or as a buffet, if you have a more laid-back event.

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