Setting Up A Space For Guests To Place Your Wedding Gifts

Professional Photo By: T Walker Photography

When guests make purchases off of your wedding gift registry, they are helping you and your partner prepare for your new life together. You can set up your registry through multiple stores, and create a list of items that you can find use for in your home. Many people take time to think about the price of selected items, and what stores to register through. There is one seemingly simple question that definitely needs your attention – where should your guests leave your gifts? Your wedding gift table will provide your guests with a clear area where they can leave what they have brought. You want it to be placed somewhere that is easily visible, and you can make an effort to decorate it…as long as you still leave room for the gifts.

Making Sure You Have A Space That Is Visible (And Large Enough To Hold Everyone’s Gifts)

There are two important considerations you should make when it comes to your wedding gift table. You need to think about where you can place it so that it can be easily seen, so guests are not left wandering awkwardly with your gift in hand. You also want to make sure you offer a table that has enough room to hold what everyone brings. Even if you expect people to use cash gifts or online ordering and shipping, you need to be ready to accommodate people’s presents, or risk having an overflowing table.

Decorating Your Gift Table

One functional decoration you should definitely provide is a nice box to receive cards. You can keep your table simple, with a runner and flowers that match your wedding colors, or spruce up your table with other decorations, like old photos. As long as you keep plenty of space open for gifts, you have real freedom in your decorating style.

Texas Old Town Can Provide A Great Space For Your Wedding

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