Month: August 2018

Do You Have The Right Music For Your Ceremony And Reception?

Several key moments during your wedding can be accompanied by music. Music can follow everyone down the aisle during your ceremony, and a DJ or live band can help everyone stay in good spirits through the end of your reception. When you think about what should play at certain significant moments, think about the tone… Read more »

Making Plans To Host A Lively Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception is the first party you and your partner attend as a couple, so of course you want to make sure it offers a good time for all of your guests! While there are some traditional moments that can take place during this event, like the couples’ the first dance, the bouquet toss,… Read more »

Selecting What You’ll Wear With Your Wedding Dress

As important as it is to the way you look when you walk down the aisle, your wedding dress is only part of your overall appearance. You will have several accessories to select when you think about how you want to appear – accessorizing also creates opportunities for you to wear something personal. One thing… Read more »

How Do I Know If I Have The Right Officiant For My Ceremony?

Finding the right decorations, the right food and drink, and the right dress are all important to your overall wedding experience. When you think about your wedding ceremony in particular, you should also recognize how important it is to have the right officiant there for you on your special day. Selecting the “correct” officiant can… Read more »

Showcasing Your Creative Spirit With Your DIY Wedding

You can showcase your creativity, and create a wedding experience with original decorations, by hosting a DIY wedding. This approach encourages couples to look for ways to have a more active role in crafting the decorations that can adorn spaces like your reception tables, your ceremony aisle, and more! You can seek out materials to… Read more »

How The Time Of Year Can Help You Plan Your Wedding

Wedding planning can be exciting, but there is nothing wrong with admitting that all of the choices laid before you can be intimidating. You may find yourself second-guessing the wedding you envisioned long before becoming engaged, or you could find yourself with more details than you anticipated. Fortunately, you can find plenty of inspiration in… Read more »

Taking Care Of Matters At The End Of Your Wedding

After so much time planning and preparing for it, you should be able to relax and enjoy your wedding day. For the most part, your special day should be about preparing for your walk down the aisle, and celebrating your lifelong partnership with the person you love. With that said, there can be matters that… Read more »

How Do I Come Up With My Ideal Guest List?

You want to invite all the people you care about, but you want to control the size of your wedding. You want to make sure you have lots of friends on hand to help you celebrate, but you also want to keep space open to welcome your family. For many couples, the ideal guest list… Read more »

Using Flower Arrangements To Add Color To Your Wedding

Few decorative features are as common to weddings as flower arrangements. They can be vital to your ceremony and reception spaces if you have a rustic wedding heavy on DIY wedding decorations, or if you have a more formal affair. They add elegance and natural beauty to your wedding, and they provide a great opportunity… Read more »

Enjoying Wonderful Wedding Images

When you think about the work you go through to make sure your wedding is a memorable event, you can understand why professional photography services are so important. You should look for someone who can capture the affection you and your partner have for each other, and who can take the right shots to capture… Read more »