3 Opportunities To Showcase Your Wedding Colors

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

Selecting wedding colors to use in your decorating can create a consistent, memorable theme to unite your ceremony and reception spaces. Your choices can also help you set the tone for your event. You can pick colors that correspond to the season of your event, or use varying levels of contrast and vividness to indicate the relative formality of your wedding. Of course, you can also base your selection on your favorite colors, and the colors present in your ceremony and reception areas. After you have your colors selected, you will want to think about how you integrate them into your decorations. This is important for planning if you intend to host a DIY wedding, or if you are interested in an all-inclusive wedding package from Texas Old Town.

1. Your Wedding Invitations

You can introduce guests to your wedding colors before they ever arrive for your special day. When you design your invitations, base the colors you use around your wedding colors. That can help you indicate what kind of style you intend to showcase during your event, and give guests a hint of what to expect when they arrive.

2. Your Aisle Runners

While you may want to lean on the natural beauty of your outdoor ceremony space, your aisle can benefit from touches of color. Picking flowers that match your colors for aisle runners can help personalize your ceremony, without taking away from the area overall.

3. Your Reception Table Centerpieces

Your reception table centerpieces should be your chance to add flourishes of color throughout your reception area. The size and intricacy of centerpieces can vary based on what you prefer. They can also be a great excuse to showcase some personal touches, like old photos of the couple, worked in with more traditional elements.

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